Meet Jorge

In America, our origins matter less than our destination, and that is what democracy is all about. Ronald Reagan

Jorge Bonilla’s story, like that of so many others residing in Central Florida and throughout the country, begins with parents who came to the United States from Puerto Rico in pursuit of the American dream.

His father arrived on the mainland to be employed as an agricultural worker, beginning his journey in the apple orchards before moving to New York and finding work as a metal cutter. His mother came to New York and quickly found employment at a seatbelt factory.

Because of the sacrifices his parents made, Jorge is forever grateful to his parents for making him understand that America is the land of opportunity for all who choose to pursue it with hard work and dedication.

JBonilla_AboutMILIn 1989, inspired by his grandfather’s service in the Korean Conflict, Jorge enlisted in the United States Marine Corps Reserves. The lessons learned in the sand pits of Parris Island will remain with him for the rest of his life. In 1991, he became an active-duty member of the United States Navy, and served in operations in support of Desert Storm, where he proudly served, and was honorably discharged in 1993.

In 1994, shortly after his discharge from the U.S. Navy, Jorge relocated to Central Florida, where he began to pursue the American dream, just as his parents first did in when they first arrived from Puerto Rico. Currently, Jorge’s path has led him to enjoy a successful career as a professional court interpreter.

In 1999, Jorge met his soul mate and future wife, Maggie. After a short courtship, the two married. Jorge and Maggie’s faith and enduring love for each other have guided them through the best of times, and kept them through the worst of times. In 2012 the couple became parents of a beautiful boy, thanks to the selfless courage of a woman who chose Life.

At this juncture of his life, Jorge has attained the titles he wanted- husband and father, and has achieved professional success in his chosen field. However, the events of the past five years have called Jorge back to duty in defense of the Constitution he swore to protect so many years ago.

As a new father, Jorge is concerned about the country he leaves behind to his son. If we do not take immediate steps to correct damage inflicted by Democrats and Republicans alike, then the country we leave to our children and grandchildren will be significantly diminished, and no longer the exceptional nation we grew up in. This is not acceptable under any circumstance, and is the reason why Jorge is running for Congress, because it is up to each and every one of us to do everything we can in order to secure America’s future.